Village Voices

Village Voices

French Country Life

  1. Marie-France Boyer
  2. Photographs by Samuel Dhote
  • ISBN 9780500019450
  • 22.90 x 19.90 cm
  • Hardback
  • 112pp
  • 144 Illustrations, 134 in colour
  • First published 1999

Marie-France Boyer has travelled around her native country to capture the warmth and atmosphere of rural French villages. The old traditions that live on have been captured in colour photographs of the café that doubles as a grocer’s, the hardware store packed with equipment for farmers and fishermen, the small hotel decorated for local wedding receptions, and much more.

We hear from local people - among them the young woman who runs the mobile bakery and the mayor who enthusiastically support this old-fashioned but appealing way of life.

This engaging record will be irresistible to Francophiles and to all those who enjoy the enduring traditional atmosphere of European country villages.

Marie-France Boyer is the Paris Editor of World of Interiors magazine. She is the author of The French Café and Really Rural, both published by Thames & Hudson.

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