The Romans Who Shaped Britain

The Romans Who Shaped Britain

  1. Sam Moorhead
  2. David Stuttard
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  • ISBN 9780500251898
  • 23.40 x 15.60 cm
  • Hardback
  • 288pp
  • 73 Illustrations, 42 in colour
  • First published 2012

Drawing on the latest archaeological evidence and research as well as on original source material, a vivid new account of Roman Britain is told through the lives and exploits of its chief characters.

‘An engaging, thought-provoking and often entertaining read … very compelling … a must for those who are bored by (or feel they know everything about) our Roman heritage’ – BBC History Magazine
'A lively story … has the great merit of getting to grips with the story of the province well beyond Hadrian, and it offers a wonderful gallery of later characters'Mary Beard – The Sunday Times
‘Highly recommended, particularly to those who have yet to enjoy the absorbing story of Roman Britain and the magnificence of the Pax Romana’ – Military History Monthly

Here are Caesar and Claudius, Hadrian and Constantine, the governors Agricola and Pertinax and the usurpers Carausius and Magnus Maximus. There are portraits of British rulers and rebels, among them Boudica, Caratacus, Cartimandua and Togidubnus.

These are the stories of the people who built and ruled Roman Britain, from the eagle-bearer who leapt (or was pushed) from Caesar’s ship into the waves at Walmer in 55 BC to the last cavalry units to withdraw from the island under their dragon standards in the early fifth century AD.

Britannia was a hard-won province of the Roman Empire whose mineral wealth and agricultural prosperity made it crucial to the stability of the West. By setting Britannia in its international context, the authors make clear the pressures and events that had such an impact on its people and its history.

Sam Moorhead was voted Archaeologist of the Year in 2011 by readers of Current Archaeology, and is Honorary Secretary of the Roman Society and a Trustee of the Association for Roman Archaeology. He has published extensively on Roman coins and is co-author, with David Stuttard, of AD 410: The Year that Shook Rome and 31 BC, Antony, Cleopatra and The Year That Shook Egypt.
David Stuttard is a freelance writer and currently serves on the Council of the Roman Society. Having taught classics in Edinburgh, St Andrews and York, he founded the theatre company Actors of Dionysus, which tours productions of Greek drama in his own translations or adaptations. He is the author of Power Games, Ritual and Rivalry in the Ancient Olympics and co-author of two books with Sam Moorhead.