Cyclepedia - A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs


A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs

  1. Edited by Michael Embacher
  2. Foreword by Paul Smith
  • ISBN 9780500515587
  • 21.00 x 27.50 cm
  • PLC (no jacket)
  • 224pp
  • 457 Illustrations, 457 in colour
  • First published 2011
‘An extraordinary read … arguably the most comprehensive and visually satisfying book of bicycle portraits ever published’ – The Sunday Times [cycling blog]
'This book is not to be missed. Buy it, borrow it from a pal who has it, whatever. You’ll love it' – Spinwell
‘Lavish appreciation of almost a century of bicycle design ... includes enough lovingly-shot images to please any adherent of two-wheeled transport, as well as lovers of expertly honed craftsmanship’ – The Sunday Telegraph

Now also available as an amazing app for iPad!
Cyclepedia app title

'As mesmerisingly beautiful an iPad app as you could ever hope to see. Full of innovative but intuitive ways to navigate, this is like the most beautiful, informative and deliciously lovely guide to bicycle design you can imagine. And if you think that bicycles are a rather humble, banal and uninteresting field of industrial design this will make you think again. Stunning.' Stephen Fry

Cyclepedia is a superbly-photographed celebration of the best bicycles designed over the past 90 years. Gift book, reference, inspiration, fun, Cyclepedia will inspire lust and envy in bike nuts, commuting cyclists and design aesthetes everywhere.


This unique selection includes classic racing bikes that been in events such as the Tour de France, high-tech machines that use the latest in material science and aerodynamics, eccentric bikes designed for purposes such as cycling on ice, and rarities coveted by serious collectors.

• A stunning visual record of the world’s most popular – and most culty – bikes
• Specially commissioned studio photography in eye-popping detail
• Selected for exquisite design, innovative mechanisms, engineering precision, performance and iconic status
• Authoritative yet light-hearted texts summarize unique qualities, technical abilities and history
• Detailed Technical information for hard-core enthusiasts and collectors

• Foreword by Paul Smith
• Introduction by Michael Embacher
• Essay on the history of bicycle design by Michael Zappe and Martin Strubreiter
• 100 bikes grouped by type: mountain, racing, singlespeed, touring,
kids’, tandem, urban, folding, cargo and curiosities

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Michael Embacher runs his own design studio in Vienna.