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Street Fonts

Graffiti Alphabets from Around the World

  1. Claudia Walde
‘Excellent value … a real education in the use of lettering as a design source. A colourful and inspiring book’ – Workshop on the Web
‘Brilliantly innovative … a cool and classy work’ – Metro
‘Incredibly comprehensive … a source of inspiration for anyone involved in graffiti, street art, typography, graphic design or street culture in general and a lot more interesting than your bog standard graffiti book’ –

Street FontsStreet Fonts

Claudia Walde has spent over two years collecting alphabets by 154 artists from 30 countries.

All of the artists in the book have roots in graffiti. Some are world renowned such as 123 Klan (Canada), Faith47 (South Africa) and Hera (Germany); others are lesser known or starting to get reputations.

Each artist received the same brief: to design all 26 letters of the Latin alphabet within the limits of a single page of the book. How they approached this and selected the media with which to express their ideas was entirely up to them.

This highly original book will inspire fans of street culture as well as typographers, graphic designers, advertising and communication students and design professionals worldwide.

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