Operation Alphabet

The Ministry of Letters

Operation Alphabet

(With reversible poster jacket)
  1. Al MacCuish
  2. Illustrations by Luciano Lozano, Designed by Jim Bletsas
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  • ISBN 9780500515846
  • 26.00 x 19.50 cm
  • PLC (with reversible poster jacket)
  • 64pp
  • 36 Illustrations, 36 in colour
  • First published 2011
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‘I HAD to write and squeal and jump about [this book] … What’s not to love? … Go get this book for your boys, it will be loved forever’ – The Brothers Trimm.com
‘Every now and then a new children’s book comes out that blows almost everything else off the shelf ... it’s a stunner’ – BabesAboutTown.com
‘Beautiful, muted colours and retro illustrations make this book a real pleasure for grown-ups too’ – The Daily Telegraph
‘Charming … the characters from the book can be utilised in a host of different ways to make children’s learning meaningful and exciting’ – Creative Review

Operation AlphabetOperation Alphabet

Not many 
people know this, but inside an ordinary red post box in London, next to Big Ben, there exists a top secret government department...

This is the mysterious Ministry of Letters, the place where all the words in the world are made. Believe it or not, every single word you’ll ever read – even these – started life inside this not-so-ordinary post box.

Operation Alphabet is the story of a little boy called Charlie Foxtrot. He has just started school and finds learning the alphabet strange and confusing.

Luckily, Charlie’s struggles are spotted by two agents from the top secret Ministry of Letters, who summon the Special Alphabet Service (S.A.S.) to the rescue.

Boarding trains, dodging hungry cats, and personally escorted by a dashing Duchess, the 26 letters of the Special Alphabet Service embark on a thrilling adventure to find Charlie, teach him the alphabet and open his mind to a love of letters and stories.

This entertaining and playfully illustrated book is an ideal way to introduce young children to the wonder of words and the magic of reading.

But remember, this story is highly classified. You can keep a secret, can’t you?

Al MacCuish is a Creative Director at Mother, one of the world’s leading creative agencies. He lives in London with his wife, Caroline, and son, Buddy. Al’s favourite word is ‘diplodocus’.
Luciano Lozano is a freelance illustrator based in Barcelona. His work has appeared in the Guardian and Le Monde. His favourite word is ‘shelter’.
Jim Bletsas is Head of Design at Mother. He lives in London with his wife,
 Jeannine, and son, Finn. Finn’s favourite 
words are ‘toodle-oo, buckeroo!’