The New Artisans

The New Artisans

Handmade Designs for Contemporary Living

  1. Olivier Dupon
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  • ISBN 9780500515853
  • 25.00 x 19.50 cm
  • PLC (no jacket)
  • 320pp
  • With over 850 colour illustrations
  • First published 2011
‘Serves well as both a collectible and as a reference guide … a must-have for arts-and-crafts types looking for inspiration or those just interested in learning about contemporary handmade production’ – Cool Hunting

Profiling over seventy artisans who use craft techniques to create stylish, whimsical, desirable objects, this book features hundreds of one-of-a-kind, handmade wonders from all over the world.

The New ArtisansThe New Artisans

Olivier Dupon is a 21st-century tastemaker and author of The New Artisans, The New Jewelers, The New Pâtissiers, Floral Contemporary, Encore! The New Artisans and Shoe – Contemporary Footwear by Inspiring Designers, all published by Thames & Hudson.

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