A New History of Witchcraft

A New History of Witchcraft

Sorcerers, Heretics & Pagans

  1. Jeffrey B. Russell
  2. Brooks Alexander
  • ISBN 9780500286340
  • 23.80 x 17.10 cm
  • Paperback
  • 216pp
  • 105 Illustrations, 0 in colour
  • First published 2007
‘Good stuff …  a useful classic updated for witchcraft aficionados’ – Fortean Times

For nearly thirty years, during which it has been continuously in print, Jeffrey Russell’s 'A History of Witchcraft' has been the one authoritative concise illustrated history of witchcraft.

Now, in collaboration with Brooks Alexander, who has conducted innovative researches in the field, this classic book has been fully revised with new chapters and illustrations.

Whether or not one believes in the powers of witchcraft, one must believe in the existence of witches. Here the definition of witchcraft in its many diverse forms is discussed and its historical, anthropological and religious manifestations charted from its origins through to the present day.

The book now includes an analysis of the importance of the Internet and films in the dissemination of witchcraft and the potential tensions as a movement that was originally a closed, secretive, initiatory cult becomes an open, public religion.