Allegory and the Migration of Symbols

Allegory and the Migration of Symbols

The Collected Essays of Rudolf Wittkower

  1. Rudolf Wittkower
  • ISBN 9780500274705
  • 24.90 x 17.90 cm
  • Paperback
  • 224pp
  • 251 Illustrations, 0 in colour
  • First published 1987
‘… these essays remain fundamental for their insight’ – Apollo

'… an essential addition to the scholar's library' – The Times Literary supplement

For Rudolph Wittkower it was the fact that art communicated experience which made it a rewarding study, and nothing fascinated him more than the way in which one culture picked up and transformed the images of another.

This, the third volume of 'The Collected Essays of Rudolph Wittkower', draws together fourteen essays in which he ranges far and wide in search of these 'migrating' symbols. It is vital reading for anyone interested in the History of Art or Cultural History.

Each essay is each presented with its original illustrations and notes.

1 East and West: The Problem of Cultural Exchange
2 Eagle and Serpent
3 Marvels of the East: A Study in the History of Monsters
4 Marco Polo and the Pictorial Tradition of the Marvels of the East
5 'Roc': An Eastern Prodigy in a Dutch Engraving
6 Chance, Time and Virtue
7 Patience and Chance: The Story of a Political Emblem
8 Hieroglyphics in the Early Renaisssance
9 Transformations of Minerva in Renaissance Imagery
10 Titian's Allegory of 'Religion Succoured by Spain'
11 El Greco's Language if Gesture
12 Death and Resurrection in a Picture by Marten de Vos
13 'Grammatica' from Martianus Capella to Hogarth
14 Interpretation of Visual Symbols