Ancient Mexico and Central America

Ancient Mexico and Central America

Archaeology and Culture History

  1. Susan Toby Evans
  • ISBN 9780500290668
  • 22.90 x 18.70 cm
  • Paperback
  • 624pp
  • 489 Illustrations, 81 in colour
  • First published 2013

The definitive textbook on the archaeology and culture of Mesoamerica, 
now in its revised and updated third edition

‘This book is superb, a highly innovative and remarkable introduction to the study of ancient Mesoamerica.’ – John M. D. Pohl, Fowler Museum of Cultural History, UCLA
‘It is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book of its kind … an essential guide for students, travellers, scholars and those interested in ancient civilizations’ –

Winner of the 2005 Society for American Archaeology Book Award
From the citation: ‘Innovatively melds remarkable scholarship and theoretical sophistication 
into a well-illustrated and clearly written text’

• Wide-ranging and comprehensive coverage of every aspect of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica
• Chronological approach to the archaeology and history of all the major civilizations
• Brilliantly illustrated with photographs, diagrams, reconstructions and maps
• The essential guide for students, scholars and travellers
• Forty special features analyse cultural aspects such as writing, the calendar, agriculture, burial and palace life
• Fluently written by a world expert in the field
• Clearly and carefully laid out to guide the student and reader through each topic

This third edition also includes new special features and boxes on Figurines, Mesoamerican Culture Traits, Language, 
Maya Royal Tombs, Tikal and Tenochtitlan’s Population; thoroughly revised chapters on the Aztecs and the chronology 
of the period; and updated references that address the major new publications of recent years.

Reviews of previous editions:

‘An impressive work that fills an important niche in the literature’– Gary Feinman, Field Museum of Natural History

‘The most comprehensive, up-to-date overview of ancient Mesoamerica available … will be widely 
consulted by those seeking an introduction to the long and rich history of prehispanic Mesoamerica 
and by scholars seeking a synthesis of current research and discoveries’– Deborah Nichols, Dartmouth College

‘Lavish illustrations and tables, charts, graphic recreations, and extended photo captions … 
make this book most useful for students who may not have a lot of background knowledge’– Phil Wanyerka, Cleveland State University

Susan Toby Evans is Professor of Anthropology at Pennsylvania State University. 
A widely recognized expert in the field of Mesoamerican studies, she is senior editor 
(with David Webster) of Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America: An Encyclopedia.