Andrea Palladio

Andrea Palladio

The Villas

  1. Luca Trevisan
  2. Foreword by Lionello Puppi
  • ISBN 9788896045589
  • 32.50 x 27.00 cm
  • PLC (with jacket)
  • 224pp
  • Illustrated in colour throughout
  • First published 2012
  • Distributed on behalf of Sassi

Andrea Palladio influenced the history and evolution of Western architecture like no other architect

This book is the first of a series set to be the largest and most complete publication ever on his work.

Relying on comparison with drawings in Palladio’s Four Books of Architecture (Venice, 1570), the author highlights the links between the realized buildings and the theoretical designs, and between the concepts derived from classical architecture and the work of Vitruvius and their subsequent development.

This volume is an indispensable tool for anyone interested in Palladio’s villas.