Bawa Sri Lanka


The Sri Lanka Gardens

  1. Text by David Robson
  2. Photographs by Dominic Sansoni
  • ISBN 9780500292921
  • 26.80 x 24.00 cm
  • Paperback
  • 176pp
  • 303 Illustrations, 235 in colour
  • First published 2017

A celebration of two very special tropical gardens and the two remarkable brothers who made them

‘A tantalising portrait … With its catalogue of luminous visitors, glamorous snapshots of the rich at play and delightful sketches by talented friends, this book is as much a gossipy biography as it is a horticultural record, and is none the worse for that.’– The Art Book

Bawa Sri Lanka

This is a story of two brothers, Geoffrey and Bevis, and their exquisite gardens, Brief and Lunuganga, set in the lush tropical landscape of Sri Lanka. It begins with a largely photographic overview of the country’s natural features, showing the varied palette of landscapes that inspired Bawa’s sensitive treatment of architecture.

At the very heart of the book is an intimate portrait of two gloriously detailed gardens and the personalities that brought them into being. But it is also a story about the nature and landscape of an island of exceptional beauty. As such, the book has something to offer followers of Geoffrey Bawa, tropical-garden enthusiasts and to all those seeking a photographic portrait of Sri Lanka.