Books of the Dead

Art and Imagination

Books of the Dead

Manuals for Living and Dying

  1. Stanislav Grof
  • ISBN 9780500810583
  • 21.00 x 15.00 cm
  • Paperback with flaps
  • 128pp
  • 141 Illustrations, 37 in colour
  • First published 2013
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Death and the afterlife have inspired artists for millennia

Books of the Dead presents Ancient Egyptian guides to the underworld, the Bardo Thödol of Tibet on how to embrace enlightenment, the myths and ballgames of Mesoamerica, and the memento mori, hellish tumults and heavenly visions of Christian Europe.

Books of the Dead
Books of the Dead

Stanislav Grof explains how the art of ‘dying before dying’ has opened up these fantastic and compelling visions – and explains how modern consciousness research may bring us closer than ever to the realms beyond death.

Stanislav Grof is a psychiatrist and founder of the field of transpersonal psychology. He is a pioneering researcher into non-ordinary states of consciousness.

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