Brassai: Paris Nocturne


Paris Nocturne

  1. Sylvie Aubenas
  2. Quentin Bajac
  • ISBN 9780500544259
  • 29.50 x 24.00 cm
  • Quarter bound/PLC (no jacket)
  • 312pp
  • 296 Illustrations, 82 in colour
  • First published 2013

Brassaï was the first and is still the most famous photographer to chronicle Paris after dark.

‘A truly excellent, historic body of work and is a clear example of why Brassaï is still considered a master. A vital purchase for the serious collector of photography books’ – Amateur Photographer
‘… rich in detail and historical connections, we re-visit the images with a renewed insight’– Black & White Photography
‘A gloriously shabby tapestry of Parisian life … beautifully produced … a joy’ – The Times
‘ … brings together his most iconic images … the photographs of people in bars and brothels certainly capture a specific view of nighttime Paris in the early 1930s’ – The Royal Photographic Society

Walking the city streets at night, Brassaï discovered a previously unseen world and captured it on camera. He shows us every face and every facet, from tough guys and showgirls to prostitutes and pleasure-seekers, from the bustling cafés and dance halls to the stillness of deserted streets and mist-shrouded monuments. Through his eyes, Paris becomes a world of shadows, in which light, the prerequisite for any photograph, is reduced to dimly lit windows, streetlamps in the fog, or reflections on a rain-soaked pavement.

Although firmly rooted in its time and place, Brassaï’s night photography is nonetheless timeless in its appeal. Full of beauty, bleakness and insight, these images assure his place among the greatest photographers of the 20th century.

Brassaï (1899–1984) was born in Hungary and came to Paris in 1924, working first as a journalist and then embracing photography, but it was the Paris of the 1930s that came to form the bedrock of his work.