The Alternative Guide

  1. Elena Jotow
  2. Nicholas Ganz
  • ISBN 9780500287873
  • 21.00 x 14.80 cm
  • Paperback
  • 200pp
  • With 243 illustrations and 8 colour maps
  • First published 2009
‘No ordinary travel guide … a must read’ – Wanderlust
‘Generously illustrated with colour photographs throughout, this is essential reading for anyone visiting – or considering visiting – Burma’ – Real Travel

What is the truth about life in Burma?

Elena Jotow and Nicholas Ganz’s candid guide to this troubled but beautiful country offers a refreshing, often trenchant insight into its turbulent history and present struggles as well as its most impressive sights and the remarkable warmth of the Burmese people.

For travellers, would-be travellers, and anyone curious to know more about this wonderful country and the vitality of the people’s resistance to the current regime, this book is required reading.

• Unrivalled insight into this guarded, largely unexplored country
• Over 250 photographs
• Maps of the relevant divisions and states
• History, the regions, ethnic peoples and key historic and cultural spots

Burma at a Glance • Past and Present • Rangoon Division • Irrawaddy Division • Arakan State • Mandalay Division and Mingun • Kachin State • Shan State and Maymyo • Karen State and Kyaiktiyo • The Hidden Reality • The Struggle for Freedom • Burma in Exile

About the Authors
Geographer Elena Jotow and photographer Nicholas Ganz are freelance authors based in Essen, Germany. They have worked and travelled extensively in Burma and founded the Burma Aktion group to support Burmese refugees and organizations along the border. Ganz's previous books include Graffiti World and Graffiti Woman.