Chris Drury

Chris Drury

Silent Spaces

  1. Chris Drury
  2. Introduction by Kay Syrad
  • ISBN 9780500284834
  • 28.70 x 26.00 cm
  • Paperback with flaps
  • 144pp
  • 178 Illustrations, 178 in colour
  • First published 2004

Chris Drury walks – and works – in the wild landscapes of the world. Over the last twenty years, he has developed an impressive and highly personal repertoire of sculptural responses to the natural environment.

This new, expanded edition of the book originally published in 1998 has an extra chapter which reflects the continued development of Drury's work and in particular his fascination with water and movement.

Using the landscape itself, and the materials he finds there, Drury produces an art resonant with his experiences of places visited and journeys made. A cairn built on a remote and beautiful perch above the sea in western Ireland is topped by the bone of a pilot whale found on a nearby beach; baskets and exquisitely formed ‘bundles’ are worked from materials found along the way – bone, wood, leaf, grass, feather and stone are all transformed in his passionate exploration of humanity’s relationship to nature.

More recently he has become increasingly interested in the connection of water and land to rhythms within the human body, which has involved work in hospitals as well as the landscape, resulting in a series of startlingly original works.

Kay Syrad’s introduction offers an informative analysis of his sculpture against the background of late twentieth century environmental art, while Drury’s own commentaries and evocative photographs make this a magnificent record of the work of a highly inventive land artist.