Chronicle of the Popes


Chronicle of the Popes

The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Papacy from St Peter to the Present

  1. Peter G. Maxwell-Stuart
  • ISBN 9780500286081
  • 25.40 x 19.20 cm
  • Paperback
  • 248pp
  • 317 Illustrations, 112 in colour
  • First published 2006
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‘… relates the whole chronicle with gusto, including maps, time lines and extensive quotations from contemporary sources’ – The Catholic Herald
‘A valuable work of reference and virtually a history of the Papacy itself’– Contemporary Review

A highly readable popular history and a unique work of reference

Updated and Expanded Edition

Contents include:
    Biographical accounts of all the 266 popes, from St Peter to Benedict XVI, giving a history of these fascinating individuals – from saintly pastors to great statesmen and patrons of the arts
    Full coverage of the Crusader, Avignon and Borgia popes, as well as the 39 antipopes (rival popes)
    Timelines throughout with at-a-glance visual guides to the length and important events of each pope’s reign
    Datafiles for every pope listing key information, such as name at birth, early career and family relationships
    Extensive quotations from contemporary sources that enrich the narrative
    Numerous sidebars and special features ranging from the excavation of St Peter’s tomb to the Catholic rejuvenation of the Counter-Reformation
    317 illustrations, 112 in colour, including portraits and busts of the popes, art treasures from the Vatican and detailed maps

Dr P. G. Maxwell-Stuart is a Lecturer in the Department of Modern History at the University of St Andrews, and an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Reformation Studies there. He is the author of many books as well as articles for scholarly journals.