Crushes: A Serious Study, Past and Present

Compare, Classify and Rate your Crushes: An in-Depth Scientific Analysis of your Love Life

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  1. Louise Steyaert
  • ISBN 9780500420201
  • 21.00 x 17.00 cm
  • Paperback
  • 96pp
  • Illustrated throughout
  • First published 2015

Beautifully designed and bursting with creativity, this book is essential for swooning romantics and the angst-ridden lovelorn

Playfully adopting the methodology of social research and scientific investigation by using humorous survey forms and rating systems, the book analyses past crushes and assembles the data into infographics.

Crushes sample spread

It starts with a crash course on the basic concepts of crushing. Louise Steyaert introduces her ‘International Scale of Crush Intensity’ (ISCI) to help readers detect whether what they’re enduring is a mere passing fancy or a mindblowing, heartwrenching, knee-trembling coup de foudre.

Steyaert’s witty drawings illustrate seven predominant crush categories – the Hottie, the Player, the Traveller, the Funny Guy, the Smarty Pants, the Summer Fling and – of course – the Unattainable.

At the book’s heart are fifteen ‘case studies’ for readers to fill in themselves, which will give them an overview of their ‘type’. This in-depth case file of secret crushes will make a great gift for swooning romantics everywhere.

One of the most successful video bloggers of recent times, Zoella, gave 'Crushes' as a present to her friend Sprinkle of Glitter, another Youtube star on one of her Christmas vlogs.
    Zoella has 9,844,557 subscribers to her Youtube channel and this particular video has had 1,875,508 views. Zoella says the book is 'the best thing I've ever seen'. Here is the link to the video (The reveal is at 1.48 minutes):
Zoellas's 'Crushes video'

Louise Steyaert has a degree in design from the University of the Arts, London, and has also studied in New York and Rio de Janeiro. Crushes is the outcome of a personal graphic project reflecting her own often tumultuous love life.

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