Derek Jarman Super 8

Derek Jarman Super 8

  1. James Mackay
  • ISBN 9780500517321
  • 16.10 x 21.20 cm
  • PLC (no jacket)
  • 288pp
  • With 780 illustrations
  • First published 2014

A brilliantly edited selection of stills from Derek Jarman’s many short Super 8 films, curated and commented on by some of the biggest names in contemporary art and cinema

‘Twenty years on from his death, 'Super 8' shows why [Jarman’s] unknown work still deserves to be screened and celebrated, proud and loud. These formative masterpieces have languished too long in the dark and this volume rectifies that’– Aesthetica
‘Exemplifies why Jarman is one of the most influential filmmakers of the 20th century’ –
‘This intimate record of Jarman’s work gives an authentic flavor of the artist and his groundbreaking approach to film’– AnOther

One of the most influential filmmakers of the late 20th century, Derek Jarman directed cult feature films such as Jubilee (1977) and Caravaggio (1986), as well as music videos for The Smiths, the Pet Shop Boys and Marianne Faithfull.

Derek Jarman Super 8

Derek Jarman also trained in fine art and a painterly mentality permeates all his work, particularly his Super 8 films, which show Jarman at his most visually courageous and creative, using prisms, filters and superimposition to produce rich colour and artistically bold compositions. The transient images, isolated like paintings, are the essence of Derek Jarman and the visual vocabulary of a great artist.

Derek Jarman Super 8

Now, Jarman’s producer and collaborator, James Mackay, has overseen the restoration of ninety-two Super 8s in order to prevent these rarely seen films being lost for ever.

This book features key stills and sequences from the films, as chosen and introduced by Liam Gillick, Wilhelm Sasnal, Sarah Turner, Gina Birch, Matthias Müller, Peter Fillingham, Neil Bartlett and Isaac Julien.

Includes: At Low Tide 1972 • Studio Bankside 1972 • Andrew Logan Kisses The Glitterati 1973 • Stolen Apples For Karen Blixen 1973 • Tarot 1973 • Garden Of Luxor 1973 • Death Dance 1973 • Sulphur 1973 • Journey To Avebury 1973 • Ashden’s Walk On Møn 1973 • Duggie Fields At Home 1974 • My Very Beautiful Movie 1974 • In The Shadow Of The Sun 1974/1980 • Sloane Square: A Room Of One’s Own 1974–76 • Corfe Film 1975 • Sebastian Wrap 1975 • Gerald’s Film 1975 • Jordan’s Dance 1977 • Art & The Pose 1977 • B2 Movie 1972 • Waiting For Waiting For Godot 1982 • Pirate Tape 1982 • ICA 1982 • It Happened By Chance 1972–1981

James Mackay is custodian of Jarman’s Super 8s and the leading expert on Jarman’s filmography. He produced twelve Jarman films, including Caravaggio and The Last of England.

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