Digital Visions for Fashion and Textiles

Digital Visions for Fashion + Textiles

Made in Code

  1. Sarah E. Braddock Clarke
  2. Jane Harris
  • ISBN 9780500516447
  • 29.00 x 20.00 cm
  • Hardback
  • 240pp
  • 429 Illustrations, 429 in colour
  • First published 2012

A richly illustrated survey of advances in creative computing and its impact on fashion, textiles and related digital sectors

Digital Visions for Fashion and Textiles

The invention of the Jacquard loom in the 18th-century century paved the way for computing and revolutionary change. Since then, code has evolved to enable new methods in design, visualization and production, achieving the previously unimaginable.

Digital Visions for Fashion and Textiles considers how computing has reinvented image, material and structural processes, highlighting advancing 2D, 3D and interactive output. Digital/analogue fusions are defining new contexts for innovative fabrication.

Twenty-two of the most forward-thinking practitioners are profiled here. Featured are household names, such as Hussein Chalayan, Prada and Issey Miyake, early pioneers (Vibeke Riisberg, Peter Struycken) and more independent, avant-garde individuals (Iris van Herpen, Casey Reas, Tom Gallant).

Complete with a reference section and bibliographic information, this unique book is the perfect resource and inspiration for designers, students, industry professionals, and anyone looking for an exploration of how computer technology has permeated fashion, textiles and related digital sectors.

Includes profiles of 22 designers at the vanguard of these developments:
Savithri Bartlett • Basso & Brooke • Daniel Brown • Hussein Chalayan 
Joshua Davis • Hil Driessen • Tom Gallant • Louise Goldin • Jane Harris 
Jakob Schlaepfer • Michiko Koshino • Issey Miyake • Nuno • Prada 
Casey Reas • Vibeke Riisberg • Jonathan Saunders • Peter Struycken 
Simon Thorogood • Nancy Tilbury • Iris van Herpen • Sonja Weber

Sarah E. Braddock Clarke is a consultant/curator and 
Senior Lecturer in Fashion Design and Performance Sportswear 
Design at University College Falmouth. She has co-authored numerous books on advanced textiles and their applications to fashion and performance sportswear, including Techno Textiles and SportsTech, 
both published by Thames & Hudson.

Jane Harris is a consultant and Professor of Digital Imaging Design at Kingston University London, and was previously director of the Textile Futures Research Centre and a Reader in Digital Textile Design Media at 
Central Saint Martins, London.