Discovering Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Discovering Egyptian Hieroglyphs

A Practical Guide

  1. Karl-Theodor Zauzich
  2. Translated and adapted by Ann Macy Roth
  • ISBN 9780500276945
  • 22.50 x 15.60 cm
  • Paperback
  • 136pp
  • 15 Illustrations, 9 in colour
  • First published 1992

"What do all those hieroglyphs say?" This question, which almost everyone who is interested in Egyptian art asks at one time or another, will be answered in this book …

The picture writing of the ancient Egyptians, is not only a fascinating record of a civilization, but an unexpected treasury of puns, double meanings and aesthetic pleasure. Often including ingenious plays on words and pictures, hieroglyphs illuminate Egyptian art and offer glimpses into life thousands of years ago.

Internationally-renowned Egyptologist Karl-Theodor Zauzich leads the reader in easy stages through the meanings of the signs.
He then selects a dozen inscriptions on real monuments, paintings and objects, and shows how to read each one – a feature found in no other guide.

Carefully chosen colour illustrations and line drawings fully clarify the symbols, and detailed appendices include the names of major kings and gods, as well as a list of common hieroglyphic signs.

This is the most practical and accessible guide to reading hieroglyphs available today for all enthusiasts, museum visitors and travellers to the Nile.

Karl-Theodor Zauzich is Professor of Egyptology at the University of Würzburg.