English Steeples Notecards

English Steeples: 16 Notecards

16 notecards and 16 envolopes
    • ISBN 9780500420638
    • 16.40 x 12.20 cm
    • Notecards
    • 0pp
    • 16 illustrations
    • First published 2016

    English Steeples Notecards
    Sixteen notecards (with envelopes), each featuring one of Julian Flannery’s immaculate line drawings of the finest medieval parish church towers and spires in England

    ‘The church steeple is the glory of the English landscape. Over a thousand years it has evolved a grandeur and a beauty unrivalled in Europe. It is the icon of every parish. At last it has achieved its biographer’– Simon Jenkins

    The illustrations on these notecards are all taken from Julian Flannery’s Fifty English Steeples, the first systematic survey of the fifty most important medieval parish church towers and spires in England, covering a period of some 500 years.