Hyperrealist Art Today

  1. John Russell Taylor
  2. Edited by Maggie Bollaert
See Inside
  • ISBN 9780500238639
  • 32.80 x 26.50 cm
  • Hardback
  • 360pp
  • 550 Illustrations, 545 in colour
  • First published 2009
‘Paintings that make you do a double-take … impressive’ – Artists & Illustrators
‘Excellent … an absorbing read, packed with incredible works of art … a wonderful overview of this growing branch of the arts and a major release by Thames & Hudson’ – Velocity
‘Very timely … will offer an invaluable glimpse of a much more diverse art world than is likely to be represented by mainstream art collections’ – The Art Book

This breathtaking volume will be relished by anyone, especially anyone interested in art in the 21st century.

Realism, and so Exactitude, has played an important role in art history ever since the beginnings of the use of perspective in art. Here, John Russell Taylor charts artists' endeavours to re-create the smallest detail, dating back to centuries before photography to the present day.

This book has been published to complement a series of shows at the Plus One Gallery in London of contemporary artists working in a figurative, hyperrealist style called Exactitude. Such works show wide diversity – including still lifes, extreme close-ups, large-scale cityscapes, landscapes and commercial packaging.

Among the artists included are Pedro Campos, Clive Head, Ben Johnson, David Ligare, Cynthia Poole, John Salt, Cesar Santander, Ben Schonzeit and Tjalf Sparnaay, who come from all around the world, but are united here by their meticulous approach to their work, whether depicting, among many different subjects, American diners, book spines, portraits or car engines.

John Russell Taylor is a distinguished critic and author.
Maggie Bollaert is the Director of the Plus One Gallery.