Fashion and the Art of Pochoir

Fashion and the Art of Pochoir

The Golden Age of Illustration in Paris

  1. April Calahan
  2. Cassidy Zachary
  • ISBN 9780500239391
  • 32.50 x 25.00 cm
  • Hardback without Jacket
  • 240pp
  • With 275 illustrations in colour
  • First published 2015

A celebration of the technique used to create some of the most luxurious fashion illustrations of the early 20th century

‘Stunningly beautiful’ – Sewing World
'This beautiful book captures the mood of a great period of fashion illustration at its stylish and wittiest best. I loved it'– The Business of Fashion

Fashion and the Art of Pochoir

The 1910s and 1920s witnessed an outpouring of luxury publications that used a hand-stencilling technique known as pochoir (French for ‘stencil’). The highly refined and painterly technique, which consists of applying layers of gouache paint or watercolour to achieve bold blocks of saturated colour, produced works of visual artistry formerly unrivalled in the history of illustration, and it became the medium of choice for avant-garde couturiers seeking to stand apart and cultivate an elite readership.

Organized chronologically by publication and showcasing a carefully curated selection of the most exceptional illustrations from couture albums and high-end magazines, Fashion and the Art of Pochoir is the definitive tribute to the artists and couturiers who first united to redefine luxury, inaugurating the enduring alliance between fashion and art, from Schiaparelli and Dalì to Vuitton and Murakami today.

Including biographical notices of illustrators and fashion designers, the book offers a unique chance for illustrators, artists, designers and fashion enthusiasts to discover the rarely seen images that defined a brief but magnificent golden age.

April Calahan is Special Collections Associate at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, where she serves as the curator of rare books and periodicals.
Cassidy Zachary is a fashion historian and collections manager based in Albuquerque, New Mexico