Flight School

Flight School

How to fly a plane step by step

  1. Nick Barnard
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  • ISBN 9780500650011
  • 22.50 x 24.00 cm
  • Flexibound PLC (no jacket)
  • 48pp
  • Illustrated in colour throughout
  • First published 2012
‘A great introduction to aviation … presents the basics of flying, and beyond, in a fun and engaging way … has a friendly tone with a scrapbook feel … a great start to inspire and encourage youngsters to get airborne’ – Flyer Magazine

Welcome to Flight School!

It’s Day One and you’re in the pilot’s seat! Strap yourself in for your very own flying lessons! Step by step find out how to take off and land, fly solo and perform thrilling stunts.

At Ground School, plan your route, discover what keeps you up in the air and the power of an engine.

There’s an ID guide, too. Spot different aircraft from small noisy biplanes to massive sleek airliners and lightning-fast jet fighters.

Over 30 plane factfiles!

Power up ... You’re cleared for take-off!


This is a first: a flying course for children who relish the detail of dials, widgets and flight panels, and who dream of one day becoming airborne. Using plenty of photographs, diagrams and illustrations, this book offers children their very own flying lessons. Covering the essential science and technology of flight, it is filled with stacks of stats and facts, and will be perfect for all turbocharged kids in thrall to the wonder of flight.

• Learning to Fly • First Flight • The Power of Air • Turning • Engine Power • Turn and Zoom • Perfect Weather • Flying Slowly • Flying Rules • Safe Landing • Solo Flight • Going Places • Flying in the Dark Stunt Flying • ID Guide • Flight School Quiz

Nick Barnard is a writer, publisher and stunt pilot, and co-founder of the Yakovievs Aerobatic Display Team. His book How to Fly a Plane, for adults, was published by Thames & Hudson in 2007.

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