The Most Astonishing Inventions of all Time

  1. Deborah Kespert
  • ISBN 9780500650431
  • 26.00 x 19.50 cm
  • PLC (no jacket)
  • 96pp
  • Illustrated in colour and black and white throughout
  • First published 2015

Be amazed by THE GREATEST INVENTIONS OF ALL TIME and the geniuses who made them happen

Machines that changed our lives for ever
Technology that shook the world
Big Ideas for the future

Leonardo da Vinci develops designs for the helicopter and parachute
Johannes Gutenberg creates printed books
James Watt invents the steam engine
The Wright Brothers risk their lives to fly the first powered aircraft
Stephanie Kwolek makes Kevlar – a material stronger than steel
Tim Berners-Lee transforms our lives with the World Wide Web

Plus many more tales of inspiration ... with inventions to try yourself!

How to:
    • make water flow uphill
    • animate a picture
    • make a telephone

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