Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology

A Traveller's Guide from Mount Olympus to Troy

  1. David Stuttard
  2. Drawings by Lis Watkins
  • ISBN 9780500518328
  • 21.50 x 13.50 cm
  • Hardback
  • 272pp
  • With 71 illustrations
  • First published 2016

The perfect pocket-size companion to the Greek myths and the landscapes and ideas that shaped them

‘An innovative approach to Greek mythology … original and entertaining’ – British Museum Magazine
'Ordered geographically, this is a friendly and intelligent guide, which serves well as a general introduction to Greek mythology. It would also make for a gratifying travel companion, offering easy on-site access to beautiful and relevant quotations from ancient literature'– Minerva

Greek Mythology

The Greek myths have a universal appeal, reaching far beyond the time and physical place in which they were created. But many are firmly rooted in specific settings: Thebes dominates the tragedy of Oedipus; Mycenae broods over the fates of Agamemnon and Electra; Knossos boasts the scene of Theseus’ slaying of the Minotaur; Tiryns evokes Heracles, who set out from its citadel on each of his twelve labours.

This unique approach to Greek mythology takes the reader on a tour of 22 destinations in Greece and Turkey, recounting the classic tales and the history associated with each and highlighting features that visitors can still see today. It provides an account of all the major gods and stories from ancient Greek mythology, with the myths presented in the sequence in which most Greek writers imagined them, beginning with creation and the coming of the gods and ending with the return of Odysseus from Troy – and his visit to Hades.

Drawing on a wide range of Classical sources and illustrated with specially commissioned drawings of landscapes, statues and vase paintings, this book is both a useful companion for modern visitors to the famous sites connected with Greek mythology and an enthralling imaginative journey for the armchair traveller.

David Stuttard is the author of several books on classical antiquity, including A History of Ancient Greece in Fifty Lives and, with Sam Moorhead, The Romans Who Shaped Britain, both published by Thames & Hudson. He also works as a director, staging productions of Classical Greek plays.

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