1. Christopher Hogwood
  2. Chronological table by Anthony Hicks
  • ISBN 9780500286814
  • 23.40 x 15.60 cm
  • Paperback
  • 324pp
  • 100 Illustrations, 10 in colour
  • First published 2007
‘A thorough and excellent guide to the life and works of the great man’ – The Sunday Times
‘A clear, authoritative and striking portrait of Handel, with a large number of handsome illustrations’ – The Times Higher Education Supplement
‘Splendid … Hogwood skilfully makes the man come alive through vivid descriptions of his professional relationships and public demeanour’ – Classic FM Magazine

George Friedrich Handel remains one of the unchallenged geniuses of musical history. Yet many revealing and fascinating aspects of his work have been obscured by generations of adulation, prejudice or misinterpretation. Christopher Hogwood takes us back to the original Handel.

The result is a comprehensive and entertaining portrait of the developing character and career of Handel from his early years in Halle and Hamburg, through his apprenticeship in Italy, to the heyday of opera and oratorio in London.

An important chapter, ‘Handel and Posterity’, traces the progress of the Handel legend down to our own time, and a chronological table by Anthony Hicks outlines major events in the composer’s life and musical career. In this revised edition, Christopher Hogwood has added a detailed analysis of new insights into Handel since first publication.

Christopher Hogwood was one of the greatest proponents of the early music movement and a distinguished conductor, keyboardist, musicologist and writer with over 200 critically acclaimed recordings to his name. Emeritus Director of the Academy of Ancient Music, the orchestra he founded in 1973, he made the first authentic recording of Messiah in 1980 and has since then conducted performances of Handel’s work throughout the USA and Europe. Christopher Hogwood died in 2014.

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