Handmade Packaging Workshop

Handmade Packaging Workshop

Tutorials & Professional Advice for Creating Handcrafted Boxes, Labels, Bags & More

  1. Rachel Wiles
  • ISBN 9780500290576
  • 26.50 x 19.00 cm
  • Paperback with flaps
  • 176pp
  • With over 250 colour illustrations
  • First published 2012

Explores innovation, design and the beautiful aesthetic of handmade packaging – packed with tutorials, case studies, inspirational work and practitioners' profiles

‘The handmade look is the antidote to digital overload, and this very clear book shows how to achieve it when designing packaging’ – The Paper Craft Post

Handmade Packaging

Examining classic design examples as well as exciting innovations with materials, Handmade Packaging Workshop is the ideal resource for designers, illustrators and creators of handmade products.

The book begins with an understanding of tools and materials, followed by inspirational examples from successful designers and a final section on the skills needed to execute packaging design as well as advice on how to set yourself up as a professional.

Here are a host of case studies organized by type of packaging element – labels, boxes or bags – or recycled and reusable elements such as fabrics and wraps. Each case study identifies whether the packaging has been handmade from scratch, hand-finished, contains handmade elements, or simply draws on the handmade aesthetic.

In the final section tutorials show the reader how to create a repeat pattern, a box template, screenprint labels, and so on. In addition, profiles and interviews offer an understanding of the challenges faced by industry professionals.

Rachel Wiles is a writer and editor for TheDieline.com, one of the most respected sites for package design. She also designs her own packaging and stationery; her work can be found on her website, BenignObjects.com.