How the World is Made

How the World Is Made

The Story of Creation According to Sacred Geometry

  1. John Michell
  2. with Allan Brown
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  • ISBN 9780500290378
  • 25.40 x 20.30 cm
  • Paperback
  • 288pp
  • 341 Illustrations, 334 in colour
  • First published 2012
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‘A delightful book: clear, witty, beautiful and illuminating’ – The Spectator
‘Instructive and illustrative … John Michell has stamped this book with 
the freshness and originality that are his hallmark. It is a worthy bequest of an 
extraordinary mind … a source of inspiration for seekers in the arts, mathematics 
and the Mysteries’ – Temenos Academy Review
‘Utterly gorgeous … 288 full-colour pages of wisdom and wonder … A thing 
to be cherished, a work of art, it is also a beautifully illustrated geometry primer 
with philosophical commentary … the text is Michell’s finest prose – cool, 
succinct and rational’ – Fortean Times

In How the World is Made, his final book, John Michell sums up and lays out for anyone to follow, his many astonishing (re)discoveries of the way numbers, geometry and patterns work and how they underlie our whole world and the best of the well-ordered societies and states that have flourished since ancient times.

Step by step from first principles the reader is taken through each of the numbers from 1 to 12, the geometrical figures and regular shapes they generate, their meetings, matings and the ways they breed. En route the reader learns to understand how number and sacred geometry underpin, link and illuminate traditions and cultures ranging from ancient Egypt to Christianity, constructions from the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge through to the crop circles of our new millennium, localities real and envisioned from Plato’s Atlantis to St John the Divine’s Heavenly City of Revelation.

This is the summation of a lifetime’s research on the part of John Michell, wondrously illustrated with his own beautiful watercolour diagrams as well as Allan Brown’s computer-drawn figures that clearly and precisely, yet with sensitivity and ‘heart’, delineate details of construction and much else to help our understanding of ‘that pattern in the heavens’, as Socrates called it, ‘which anyone can find and establish within themselves’.

John Michell (1933–2009), educated at Eton and Cambridge, was the pioneer researcher and 
specialist in the field of ancient, traditional science. He is the author of more than forty books that 
have profoundly influenced modern thinking, including A Little History of Astro-Archaeology, 
The New View Over Atlantis and The Dimensions of Paradise.

Allan Brown is an illustrator who specializes in sacred geometrical figures.