Introducing Gilbert & George

Introducing Gilbert & George

  1. Robert Rosenblum
  • ISBN 9780500284858
  • 19.60 x 16.50 cm
  • Paperback with flaps
  • 176pp
  • 75 Illustrations, 66 in colour
  • First published 2004
‘Buy this shocking little book – no bigger than a psalter – and make the most of Gilbert & George’ – The Oldie

Gilbert & George are artists of our time. Theirs is an art for everyone, a democratic art – in their own words, an ‘art for all’.

In their sculptures, photographic works, drawings and performance pieces, Gilbert & George address fundamental human issues and concerns: sex, death, religion, corruption, violence, fear, racial tension and alcoholism. Humorous and subversive, amusing and shocking, they are in the tradition of England’s finest socially engaged artists.

In this handy guide, the late Robert Rosenblum, eminent art historian, critic and close friend of the artists, looks back at their entire career since they met at St Martin’s School of Art in London in 1967 and first started working together. Some of their most important works, from the Singing Sculptures of the late 1960s to their very latest large, colourful, multipanel pictures, are here to illustrate Rosenblum’s lively and perceptive text, while quotes from the artists provide a fascinating insight into their lives, works and personalities.

Introducing Gilbert & George is the perfect overview of two of the most important and popular living artists in the world today.