Inventions that Didn't Change the World

Inventions that Didn't Change the World

  1. Julie Halls
  • ISBN 9780500517628
  • 24.00 x 17.00 cm
  • Quarterbound/PLC (no jacket)
  • 224pp
  • 240 Illustrations, 240 in colour
  • First published 2014

Design solutions to the problems you never knew you had!

Inventions that Didn't Change the World

‘A treasure trove of self-ventilating hats, boot warmers, hair-brushing machines and improved pickle forks, all taken from the leather-bound volumes of the Design Registry … a unique insight into the world that spawned them’ – Guardian – Tim Dowling
‘Patently daft designs … wonderfully wacky … bonkers’– The Daily Mirror
‘Hundreds of bizarre 19th-century designs … all laid out with skilful draughtsmanship and Heath Robinson-style eccentricity’Picture Book of the Week, New Statesman
'Inventors, however mad, must get things wrong if they are to get things right: a thousand Wallace and Gromits for every Brunel or James Dyson is a price worth paying’– The Daily Telegraph
‘Irresistible … these inventions provide entertaining glimpses of the lives, hopes and fears of our 19th-century forebears’– The Lancet

• See Author Julie Halls showing a selection of uniquely improbable designs registered in 19th Century Britain

See 'The barmy inventions that time forgot' in The Telegraph

Welcome to the world of Victorian product design, and the improbable inventions that never quite made it into production during Britain’s period as the workshop of the world.

Inventions that Didn't Change the World

These genuine domestic and professional designs, registered in the nineteenth century for the most unlikely innovations, have been boxed away – until now – deep in the vaults of The National Archives.

Meticulous illustrations and descriptions accompany the boldest of claims for making daily life in a newly industrialized world that little bit easier.

Julie Halls works at The National Archives, Kew, London, and is a specialist in registered designs.

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