Japanese Art

World of Art

Japanese Art

  1. Joan Stanley-Baker
  • ISBN 9780500204252
  • 21.00 x 15.00 cm
  • Paperback
  • 240pp
  • 183 Illustrations, 63 in colour
  • First published 2014
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Third edition

The uniqueness of Japanese culture rests on the fact that, throughout its history, Japan has continually taken, adapted and transformed diverse influences, whether from Korea, China, the South Seas, Europe or America, into distinct traditions of its own.

Profusely illustrated with examples from all the arts – painting, calligraphy, the decorative arts, photography and architecture – and with a wide-ranging bibliography, this is a concise and informative overview of a fascinating but perplexing culture, in which interest has never been greater than it is today.

This book surveys authoritatively and provocatively the arts of Japan from the prehistoric period to the present, bringing together the results of the most recent research on the subject.

Now updated and expanded with a new chapter on art since the mid-1960s, including the fields of manga and animé in which Japan leads the world, Japanese Art addresses itself equally to those who come to the subject for the first time and to the student.

    Prehistoric Period (11th mil. bce–6th c. ce)
    Asuka and Nara (552–794)
    Heian (794–1185)
    Kamakura and Muromachi (1185–1573)
    Azuchi-Momoyama and Edo (1576–1868)
    Modern Japan (1868– )

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