The Arousal of the Inner Energy

  1. Ajit Mookerjee
  • ISBN 9780500272404
  • 25.30 x 17.70 cm
  • Paperback
  • 112pp
  • 61 Illustrations, 16 in colour
  • and 36 line drawings
  • First published 1982

At the center of Tantric philosophy is the principle of awakening the vital energy (Kundalini) that lies latent in all of us, and the technique of chanelling this energy into spiritual growth.

Here, Ajit Mookerjee, the distinguished author of 'Kali: The Feminine Force' and 'The Tantric Way', writes of the core experience of Tantra in which the energy is awakened and rises through the energy centre (chakras) to unite with Pure Concoiusness.

A powerful selection of Tantric art, ancient and modern, lends further insight into Kundalini and its meaning for society today.