Le Corbusier

World of Art

Le Corbusier

  1. Kenneth Frampton
  • ISBN 9780500203415
  • 21.00 x 15.00 cm
  • Paperback
  • 240pp
  • 191 Illustrations, 0 in colour
  • First published 2001
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‘Scholarly and delightful … exquisitely crafted text is a masterpiece in itself … should be essential reading for all present and future architectural students … read, absorb, enjoy!’ – ASI Journal
‘Frampton has been able to make sense of Le Corbusier’s life in a way that has eluded some other authors’ – The Times Higher Education Supplement
'Exemplary'– Time Out

Le Corbusier is probably the most famous architect of the 20th century. The richness and variety of his work and his passionately expressed philosophy of architecture have had a gigantic impact on the urban fabric and the way we live.

Weaving through his long and prolific life are certain recurrent themes – his perennial drive towards new types of dwelling, from the early white villas to the Unité d’Habitation at Marseilles; his evolving concepts of urban form, including the Plan Voisin of 1925 with its cruciform towers imposed on the city of Paris and his work at Chandigarh in India; and his belief in a new technocratic order.

The distinguished critic and historian Kenneth Frampton re-examines all the facets of his artistic and philosophical world-view in light of recent thinking, and presents us with a Le Corbusier for the 21st century.