Let's Play a Game

Let's Play a Game

All you need to play six board games

(Including 3 folding double-sided boards, 6 removable die-cut counters and 1 numbered spinner)
  1. OKIDO
  • ISBN 9780500650400
  • 32.00 x 24.00 cm
  • box set
  • 0pp
  • Illustrated in colour throughout
  • First published 2014

Get ready to play six action-packed board games!
There’s everything you need, including a spinner and counters.
Each game is for two or more players.

‘This is THE MUST HAVE activity 'book' for pre-schoolers’ – London Mums Magazine
‘A brilliant box featuring six (count ‘em) board games … great fun’– BambinoGoodies.co.uk

Ready! Steady! Go!

Hot air repair
Hissss! Quick, repair the puncture first to win
Space race
Whoosh! The winner must reach Earth first
The rumble-fart game
Burp! Match body noises and body parts
Slither and climb
Going up! Going down! Who will finish first?
Wiggle, waggle! Collect all the pollen
Ready, steady, disco!
Jump to it! It’s time to move and dance

The box contains everything you need to play six re-imagined board games, with six pop-out coloured counters and a numbered spinner that functions as a die and three folding double-sided games boards. The simple rules for each game are printed on the inside of the lid, and the whole is printed on durable card. Each game is suitable for two to six players. The games are boisterous (and sometimes silly!) but also help children (aged 4+ at pre-school, school and at home) with first maths, coordination and matching and sorting skills.

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