Living Modern Tropical

Living Modern Tropical

A Sourcebook of Stylish Interiors

  1. Richard Powers
  2. Text by Phyllis Richardson
  • ISBN 9780500516409
  • 26.00 x 23.50 cm
  • Hardback
  • 288pp
  • 490 Illustrations, 490 in colour
  • First published 2012

Living Modern Tropical

The ‘modern’ space is so much more than simply ‘modernist’. It embraces clean lines, sophisticated colour combinations, outdoor rooms, great design objects and open areas for relaxing and eating. Living Modern Tropical applies these attributes to the lifestyles in tropical climates, where the expression of modern living has found its natural home.

Wherever you live, this visual sourcebook 
of contemporary interiors in the tropics offers hundreds of photographs and design ideas that will provide inspiration for every room in the house.

The book's sections focus on the lifestyle qualities most enjoyed in tropical spaces:

• Nature: setting; integration; views; plants
• Water: swimming pools; reflecting pools; ponds; natural 

• Architecture: indoor | outdoor; hillsides | levels; open plan; partitions
• Elements: stairs; storage; lighting; windows | skylights; doors | screens
• Light: filtered; dappled; shaded; pure; layered | indirect; soft
• Function: living; lounging; cooking | eating; entertaining; work; bathing; sleeping
• Furniture: bright; modern; exotic; outdoor; wood; built-in
• Details: bold; white; natural; pattern; art | objects; texture; fabrics
• Materials: wood; tiles; stone; glass; brick; concrete; metal; mixed-media 

• Outdoors: terraces; patios; gardens; courtyards; outdoor rooms; paths | walkways; balconies

Richard Powers is an architectural and interiors photographer whose work appears regularly in international magazines. His books include Tropical Minimal, The Iconic House, Living Modern and New Natural Home, all published 
by Thames & Hudson.

Phyllis Richardson is an architecture and design writer who has published numerous books on lifestyle, interiors and architecture, including the XS series, Living Modern, Nano House, and the London and Paris volumes of the StyleCity® travel series.