Magnum Photos 3 Sketchbooks

Magnum Photos: 3 Sketchbooks

(A set of 3 Sketchbooks, one plain, one gridded, one dotted, each of 48 pages)
  1. Magnum Photos
  • ISBN 9780500420348
  • 21.00 x 14.80 cm
  • Notebook
  • 48pp
  • First published 2016

Three sketchbooks – one plain, one gridded, one dotted – to enable all Magnum-inspired photographers to plan their next great work

Thames & Hudson has enjoyed exceptional success and critical acclaim in its collaborative ventures with Magnum Photos, the world’s most prestigious photo agency.

Now, with its 70th anniversary approaching in 2017, Magnum Photos has combined forces with Thames & Hudson once more on a range of gifts. Each product is aimed at either active photographers or those who simply love great photography, and will connect the Magnum brand with
a greater audience than ever before.