Latin Spirit

Moments of Mindfulness: Latin Spirit

  1. Danielle Föllmi
  2. Olivier Föllmi
  • ISBN 9780500518229
  • 11.00 x 16.00 cm
  • PLC (no jacket)
  • 288pp
  • Illustrated in colour throughout
  • First published 2015

Latin Spirit
Moments of Mindfulness
Ancestral aphorisms and reflections that open windows on a world of wisdom

Danielle and Olivier Föllmi travelled far and wide to witness the celebrations, landscapes, rituals and traditions of cultures all over the world and to capture the connections linking the people to their ancestral lands.

Their photographs, paired here with the wise words of great writers, masters, philosophers or poets, are transcendental and transformative, awakening our senses and preparing us to receive simple yet profound teachings.

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