New Nordic Gardens

New Nordic Gardens

Scandinavian Landscape Design

  1. Annika Zetterman
  • ISBN 9780500519455
  • 25.00 x 21.00 cm
  • PLC (no jacket)
  • 288pp
  • 291 Illustrations, 291 in colour
  • First published 2017

The first overview of contemporary gardens in Scandinavia

‘Flip through any glossy interior magazine and Scandinavian-inspired designs are all you’ll see. But where are the gardens?...'New Nordic Gardens: Scandinavian Landscape Design' sheds light on simple, stylish gardens across the North Sea’ – The Daily Telegraph

New Nordic Gardens

Few people have difficulty conjuring images of modern Scandinavian design, whose influence over the past century has reached around the world. More difficult for many is imagining the quiet landscapes of the Nordic countries, which range from the flatlands of Denmark to the dramatic mountains and fjords of Norway. These majestic environments, combined with long summer days and light-poor winters, raking light and dense birch forests, have given rise to exceptionally refined examples of garden and landscape design.

This survey presents the best gardens to have been produced in the region over the past ten years. Organized by themes that encapsulate the special ambience and lifestyle of the Scandinavian countries – Simplicity, Silence, Fragility, Nakedness, Attunement, Boldness, Openness and Care – each garden is presented through images and texts explaining its unique aspects and describing its particularly Scandinavian characteristics.

The timelessness of Nordic design has proven itself around the world for many decades. Now it is time for the quality of its gardens and landscapes to come into the light.

Annika Zetterman has experience of designing gardens in Europe, mainly in the UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Cyprus. Annika has a background in engineering and retrained as a garden designer in London.
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