New Poster Art

New Poster Art

  1. Cees W. de Jong
  2. Stefanie Burger
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  • ISBN 9780500287231
  • 27.00 x 21.00 cm
  • Paperback with flaps
  • 240pp
  • 227 Illustrations, 227 in colour
  • First published 2008
‘The crème de la crème of international designers … proves that this more traditional presentation of typography, colour and illustration can still compete in a world of digital media’ – Metro

• What makes a poster successful?
• How does a designer transform a blank piece of paper into a seductive image?
• What are the abiding principles, or does anything go?

New Poster Art showcases over 220 of the best, most forward-looking and most striking international posters of recent times, created by the world’s most prominent designers – the majority from the past ten years.

This book makes it clear that posters have become testing grounds for artistic innovation, and often boast breathtaking levels of conceptual and visual experimentation and skill.

Among the featured designers are:
Tapani Aartomaa • Reza Abedini • Hans Ulrich Allemann • Philippe Apeloig • Günter Karl Bose • Helmut Brade • Ronald Curchod • Keith Godard • Helfried Hagenberg • Ebrahim Haghighi • Jennifer Morla • Giorgio Pesce • Stefan Sagmeister • Paul Sahre • Gerwin Schmidt • Ralph Schraivogel • David Tartakover • Niklaus Troxler • Henning Wagenbreth • Garth Walker • Martin Woodtli

Cees W. de Jong is Director of the design studio and publishing company V+K Design-Publishing in the Netherlands. Stefananie Burger and Jorre Both are Masters students at the University of Utrecht.