Open Source Architecture

Open Source Architecture

  1. Carlo Ratti
  2. with Matthew Claudel
  • ISBN 9780500343067
  • 21.50 x 13.50 cm
  • PLC (no jacket)
  • 144pp
  • First published 2015
‘This is a provocative, open manifesto calling for a major paradigmatic shift in the practice of architecture, to a collaborative, inclusive model using 21st-century trends’ – Royal Academy Architecture Newsletter

Open Source Architecture offers a wholly new vision of how architecture can and must adapt to the realities of the 21st century.

The authors call for a shift from the ego-fuelled grand visions of ‘starchitects’ and their Modernist forebears, to a networked, collaborative, inclusive model that draws inspiration from phenomena such as crowd-sourcing, open access and mass customization.

Timely, provocative and passionate, this is a small book packed with big ideas that no architect or designer can afford to ignore.
    The Promethean Architect: A Modern(ist) Hero
    Bottom-Up Architectures: The Timeless Way of Building
    Why It Did not Work: A Horse Designed by Committee
    Learning From the network:
        New Paradigms for Participation in the Digital World
    Open Source Gets Physical:
        How Digital Collaboration Technologies Became Tangible
    Building Harmonies: Towards a Choral Architect(s)
    Over to you: Go Ahead, Design!

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