People of Print

People of Print

Innovative, Independent Design and Illustration

  1. Marcroy Smith
  2. Andy Cooke
  • ISBN 9780500517819
  • 29.70 x 22.00 cm
  • PLC (no jacket)
  • 336pp
  • With 452 illustrations in colour and black and white
  • First published 2015

An insider's guide to the fresh and talented graphic designers, illustrators, collectives, publications and galleries at the heart of a burgeoning and creatively dynamic scene – independent, print-based design

People of Print

In a world in which screen-based graphics and digital design dominate the mainstream, creating design for print continues to thrive among an international community of like-minded individuals.

People of Print brings together more than fifty key artists and studios who embrace print’s potential for creative expression and experimentation.

Written by Marcroy Smith, founder of the eponymous online resource, and Andy Cooke, his long-time collaborator, People of Print presents a dazzling array of work created for paper and beyond, including posters, flyers, packaging, fanzines, self-published books, textiles and fashion, and exhibition design.

Fully illustrated profiles, in-depth interviews and a comprehensive reference section make this book an inspirational resource for all graphic designers and illustrators who appreciate the value and craft of print.

‘Visually stimulating, this text will make you too want to try your hand at becoming a person of print’ – Aesthetica
‘People of Print have steered clear of Photoshopped blandness and stuck with glorious handmade imperfection’–
‘Detailing everything from the papermaking process, to essays on new technology … one thing’s for sure – print is still very much alive and kicking’–

Marcroy Smith established People of Print as an online resource in 2008. It is now the world’s largest online community and directory of independent young creatives working with print.
Andy Cooke, a collaborator with Marcroy Smith on People of Print since 2008, runs his own design agency, MayNinth.