Pyjamarama Fever

Pyjamarama: Fever

  1. Michaël Leblond
  2. Frédérique Bertrand
  • ISBN 9780500651155
  • 0.00 x 0.00 cm
  • Paperback
  • 0pp
  • First published 2017
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An animated picture book with a difference!

Pyjamarama Fever

When you see the world in Pyjamavision, everything looks extraordinary!

Pyjamarama FeverMove the stripy screen over each page and watch the colours and shapes come to life. When a little boy puts on his pyjamas and goes to bed, he falls into a dazzling dreamworld of swirling stripes, shimmering spots and other strange sights. Come with him on a fabulous trip where you won’t be able to believe your eyes….

Michaël Leblond is a graphic designer and the author of several illustrated books for children. In 2008 he rediscovered the technique of barrier-grid animation, a form of optical illusion that became the basis of the Pyjamarama books.