Reading the Maya Glyphs

Reading the Maya Glyphs

  1. Michael D. Coe
  2. Mark van Stone
  • ISBN 9780500285534
  • 23.30 x 15.40 cm
  • Paperback
  • 176pp
  • With glyph illustrations throughout
  • First published 2016

Reading the Maya Glyphs is a compact, portable guide to enable students, tourists and armchair travellers to read and understand commonly encountered Classic Maya texts

‘From the mathematics behing the famous Mayan calendar to politics, relationships, warfare and even the supernatural world, there is plenty to enlighten you on all aspects of the Mayan way of life’ – All About History
‘A must-read for anyone interested in the Mayan world’– Timeless Travels

This guide will enhance the appreciation some of the world’s greatest art and architecture for visitors to the great Maya sites of Mexico and Central America and museum-goers.

In the recent past, a working knowledge of the Maya script has been confined to epigraphers, art historians and other specialists. Its very unfamiliarity to the general public, and the daunting aspect of its approximately 800 signs, have made the system appear more complex and arcane than it really is.

Topics covered in this book include the nature of the script, the intricate Maya calendar, dynastic and political texts, and every aspect of the natural and supernatural world in which they lived.

Written by the world’s leading authority in Maya studies, Michael D. Coe, and illustrated by the drawings of Mark Van Stone, one of America’s outstanding calligraphers, the book presupposes no previous training in Maya epigraphy or archaeology.

This title is also available as an eBook for Kindle, iBooks and Kobo