Scotland - A Concise History

Illustrated National Histories

Scotland: A Concise History

  1. Fitzroy Maclean
  2. With a new chapter by Magnus Linklater
‘Magnificently illustrated, it is a constant visual delight … an admirable introduction to a fascinating subject’ – The Scotsman
‘Elegantly written and beautifully illustrated’– Hugh Trevor-Roper, The Sunday Times
‘A truly remarkable collection of illustrations, mostly unfamiliar, gathered with excellent judgement from many sources and beautifully reproduced’– The Times Literary Supplement

4th edition – Revised and Expanded

This updated edition of the classic and much-loved work on Scotland brings the story right up to date, with a new added chapter by Magnus Linklater examining recent momentous events and developments that have set the nation on a new course.

Written with wit and scholarship, this book remains the definitive volume for anyone seeking to disentangle the complex story of Scotland from the earliest times to the present.

Fitzroy Maclean held a number of senior posts in the diplomatic service, the armed forces and the government.
Magnus Linklater is Scotland Editor of The Times, and has written widely on Scottish history.