Sky Hunters

Sky Hunters

The Passion of Falconry

  1. Text and Captions by Hossein Amirsadeghi
  2. Essays by Sir Mark Allen
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  • ISBN 9780500976876
  • 30.00 x 25.00 cm
  • Hardback
  • 320pp
  • 811 Illustrations, 800 in colour
  • First published 2008

Falconry has fascinated mankind for over four millennia. It is both an art and a science and has become a valuable tool in the restoration of endangered species.

Falconry is believed to have originated in the Near East and Central Asia, and was an established form of hunting in the Middle East for many millennia. For 1,200 years it was known as the ‘sport of kings’, before its decline in the 18th century.

Falconry is now experiencing a keen revival, with 100,000 falconers in 68 countries. Better organized, regulated and funded than it has ever been during the past century, falconry is here to stay. Sky Hunters: The Passion of Falconry traces the history of this magnificent sport, separating myth from reality while highlighting its colourful characters.

Lavishly illustrated, this book brings to life the true spirit of falconry right up to the present. Sky Hunters is a treasury of information and a visual feast for falconers and those interested in nature, hunting, falcons, hawks and other birds of prey, art, photography, history, sociology, conservation and, last but not least, human drama.