Solving Stonehenge

Solving Stonehenge

The New Key to an Ancient Enigma

  1. Anthony Johnson
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  • ISBN 9780500051559
  • 23.90 x 16.50 cm
  • Hardback
  • 288pp
  • 150 Illustrations, 45 in colour
  • First published 2008
‘Engrossing and compelling … makes a significant contribution to our knowledge of the monument, at the same time refuting much of the nonsense. This is a lot of book for the money and well worth reading’ – Measurement + Control
‘ … this is indeed a major step forward in solving the puzzle of Stonehenge, as well as being a very readable and exciting book’ – Sir Barry Cunliffe
‘Represents a quantum leap forward into the temporal mists of the Prehistoric mind’ – Minerva
‘The most attractive, readable, sensible and most comprehensive exploration of Stonehenge available’ – American Library Association

This is the most original and convincing new account of Stonehenge to be published for a generation.

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Anthony Johnson reveals in this astonishing book that the clues to the enigma of the stones lie not in the surrounding landscape, as modern archaeological enquiry would have us believe, but within the stones themselves. Patient detective work and detailed computer reanalysis of evidence hidden within the monument can be made to yield remarkable new insights into how the earthwork and stone circle were conceived and laid out on the ground.

The work has unlocked secrets and revealed that there is still more intriguing, dynamic and exciting information to be retrieved from Stonehenge than has been hitherto imagined.

• Illustrated with the author’s own elegant and specially researched diagrams and computer-generated reconstructions.

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Anthony Johnson is an archaeologist, specializing in field survey and geophysics.