Street Craft

Street Craft

Guerrilla Gardening / Yarnbombing / Light Graffiti Street Sculpture / and More

  1. Riikka Kuittinen
  • ISBN 9780500517840
  • 22.00 x 17.50 cm
  • PLC (no jacket)
  • 224pp
  • 250 Illustrations, 250 in colour
  • First published 2015

A zippy, compact and affordable introduction to Street Craft for all fans of traditional street art or contemporary arts and crafts

‘Frequently thought-provoking, often funny, and at all times non-threatening’ – GQ
‘Political, pretty, provocative’– Simple Things

Street Craft is the next chapter in the story of Street Art. From urban crochet to street sculpture, light projections, miniature installations and more, this book brings together artists whose creations are transforming cities around the world.

Street Craft

Twenty-eight entries each offer a short profile of one artist followed by a first-person reflection on what motivates their creativity – and what creativity!

- Tasha Lewis’s blue butterfly swarms bring beauty to derelict corners of New York
- Spidertag intertwines sturdy rope and nails to construct abstract graffiti in Madrid
- Mademoiselle Maurice’s origami and lace graffiti bring a light touch to the streets of Paris and Hong Kong

250 illustrations emphasize the sheer visual variety of these works, from the dark and moody to the bright and cheerful.

Riikka Kuittinen is a freelance curator and writer. A contributing writer to the online journal 2italic(Photomonitor), she curated the touring V&A show ‘Street Art: Contemporary Prints’ (2010–12). She is the author of several books, including Street Art: Contemporary Prints.