StyleCity Seoul


StyleCity Seoul

  1. Text by Martin Zatko
  2. Photographs by Gijs Bekenkamp
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  • ISBN 9780500210253
  • 20.70 x 16.50 cm
  • Paperback with flaps
  • 192pp
  • With over 350 colour photographs and 7 maps
  • First published 2010
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StyleCity™ heads to the Far East for the first time in this new addition to the genre-defining series

From cutting-edge restaurants to the most stylish shops, hotels and neighbourhoods, the StyleCity™ series uncovers all the special places where both locals and travellers can find a vibrant urban experience. Each book is superbly designed yet ingeniously practical, with vibrant photography, easy-to-read maps and informed texts.

StyleCity SeoulStyleCity Seoul

The first Asian city to be featured in the StyleCity series, Korea's Seoul is one of the East's most dynamic and creative locations. A centre for technological innovation and design, Seoul with its creative and digital industries, attracts leading international talent and youth to its heady mix of high-tech wizardry and the traditional values of an ancient society.

This very contemporary global metropolis bustles with royal cuisine and street food, historic inns and neon-lit late-night bars - all with a distinctly Korean flavour.

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