The Body

The Body

Photoworks of the Human Form

  1. William A. Ewing
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  • ISBN 9780500277812
  • 21.00 x 14.80 cm
  • Paperback with flaps in slipcase
  • 432pp
  • 366 Illustrations, 35 in colour
  • First published 1994
‘Startling, provocative and voyeuristic’ – The Face
'One of the most unique and powerful photographic books in recent memory' – Camera and Darkroom

'The Body navigates the shoals and rapids of an aesthetically and politically loaded topic, and manages not only to survive the journey but also to shed substantial light on how photographers have used the human figure for a variety of pictorial purposes through more than 150 years' – New York Times Book Review

From 19th-century erotica to the sexual politics of the 1990s, this collection of hundreds of images provides a rich archive of bodily forms, both male and female, featuring the work of some of the world's outstanding photographers: Nadar and Muybridge in the early days, through Stieglitz, Weston, and Man Ray to the recent Mapplethorpe, Bruce Nauman and Cindy Sherman. From medical photography to sport, fashion and dream imagery, this is an exciting and provocative record of the camera's infatuation with the human figure.

Among the Royal Photographic Society awards announced on 15th September 2016, curator and writer on photography William A. Ewing received the Outstanding Service to Photography Award which recognises his influential and sustained contributions to the advancement of Photography.